On November 1, 2016, the Township of West Orange launched Operation HOPE (the Heroin-Opiate Prevention Effort).

Operation HOPE is a voluntary program which is dedicated to reducing the impact of heroin, opiate and all drug and alcohol abuse on our community and encouraging those who suffer from addiction to help seek treatment. Operation Hope is conducted in partnership with Integrity House and fashioned after the pioneering programs in Gloucester, Massachusetts and Scarborough, Maine.

On an increasing basis, New Jersey’s police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical professional are dealing with drug-related incidents and overdoses. In most of these cases, we are able to save lives. Tragically, however, this is not always the case. The motivation for establishing Operation HOPE is the dramatic increase in heroin and opiate abuse in New Jersey in recent years:


Estimated numer of people who use heroin in NJ


8.3% Heroin death-rate in New Jersey. 3 x the national avg.


Heroin-related deaths between 2004-2014


Heroin-related deaths fourth straight year of increases (2010-2014)

Operation HOPE consists of the following services which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Drug Turn-in: Any person who voluntarily enters the West Orange Police Department and requests help under Operation HOPE will be allowed to voluntarily turn in drugs, needles and drug paraphernalia – without fear of arrest or charges.

Treatment and Assistance: Any person who voluntarily enters the West Orange Police Department and requests help for their drug or alcohol addiction under Operation HOPE will initially be screened by a police officer to determine eligibility for participation in the treatment program. If they are found to meet the program eligibility requirements, they will be assigned an Operation HOPE volunteer “Angel” who will walk them through the process toward detox and recovery – to include accelerated placement in rehabilitation and treatment programs whenever possible. In those instances in which a person is found ineligible to participate in such a program or placement is not immediately available, alternative support and assistance will be offered. Operation HOPE is not limited to heroin and opiate abuse. Any person with a drug or alcohol addiction may be eligible for the program.

West Orange Police Officers have received special training on addiction-related issues and the specifics of the program.

Through a partnership with the Integrity House, 35 volunteers have been trained as volunteer Angels to meet with any person who enters the West Orange Police Department to help guide the participant through the process and help explore treatment options. Our volunteer Angels are a mix of people. Some are currently in recovery from addiction and personally understand and empathize with what the program participant is experiencing. Others are civic-minded community members who wish to address the issue of addiction and help others.

How do I get help through Operation HOPE?
Operation HOPE hours are 24hrs – 7 days a week! Individuals over the age of 18 interested in getting help for their addiction will need to come to the West Orange Police Department lobby to fill out paperwork and get screened for the program. Each person is served on a case by case basis. We are unable to do screenings by phone and ask that you do not call Dispatch to inquire about placement questions – just come in. Please bring a photo ID if possible.

My addiction is not opiates, can I still get help?
Yes. Operation HOPE serves anyone with any addiction.

I do not live in West Orange, can I still get help?
Yes. You do not need to live in West Orange to receive help through the program.

Can I get help if I don’t have insurance?
We will do our best to help those who are uninsured, and those covered with a private insurance plan. Each case is different, we will try our best but we can’t make guarantees.

Do I need to detox before I get help?
It all depends. In many cases you will need to be detoxed before you enter a treatment facility for your addiction.

How can I help?
Giving: Please refer to our contact section below for information on giving money, hosting a fundraiser, or donating goods.

Volunteering: Please call West Orange Police Department at (973) 325-4000.

West Orange Police Department
60 Main St, West Orange, NJ 07052
(973) 325-4000